Wellness & Rejuvenation Holidays

'Hidden' in the stunning secret Algarve

"Get Fit, Eat & Drink Healthily, Loose Weight, Be Pampered and have Fun in The Sun!

1 Week total wellness "Aphrodite Programme" covering fitness, health, beauty and relaxation designed around your specific needs in one of the most beautiful breath-taking woodland and lakeside settings in the Algarve.

Helping you to be your happiest, relaxed, most beautiful and fittest ever.

We are neither a clinic nor a hotel, but an exclusive health & fitness retreat with a family atmosphere. Our all inclusive 'Aphrodite' programme is specifically designed for only 3 to 7 women - ideal whether you are with a friend,sister,daughter, part of a small group, or just come alone and enjoy the camaraderie with like-minded ladies!

The Aphrodite Programme

Balance the Mind, Body & Soul

- Mind: by stress release & relaxation.

- Body: by correct nutrition & exercise.

- Soul: by letting go of unresolved issues.

Devote a WEEK to YOU
Relax & reconcile with your body
Be more aware of the importance of taking time-out for you

Healthy Fruit - great for the heartRaw Food - for energy, vitality and healthAcupunctureHot StonesYogaChi-Gong Chi Kung Qigong